Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery started out as a small neighborhood bakery in downtown Chicago. From artisan breads and freshly baked sweets to homemade soups and salads and made-to-order scramblers, all of their food featured delicious, fresh ingredients.

Corner Bakery continues to fulfill the needs and desires of their customers today. When you go to one of their restaurants, you’ll get ingredient-inspired, prepared-to-order food made at a real kitchen. They make their food with more than 40 kinds of fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Healthy, Great-Tasting Food Everyday

Healthy, Great Tasting Food EverydayCorner Bakery opened in 1991. They started out offering freshly baked breads and great coffee and espresso. The menu expanded as their guests requested more. Their brand grew as more wholesome, irresistible foods were added. Eventually, the company became known as Corner Bakery Café.

Corner Bakery Café takes great pride in the food they create and serve to guests. They offer more than 100 Corner Combos under 600 calories and welcome special requests.

Fast Service with a Smile

Fast Service with a SmileThe fast-paced atmosphere of downtown Chicago shaped Corner Bakery’s approach to service. They tailored their style for maximum efficiency, with guests bringing their own food to their tables.

However, their perspective evolved as they grew. No one enjoys standing in line, so now, you can order from the menu board and they’ll bring it to your table with a smile (you can use their free WiFi in the meantime).

New Look, Same Great ExperienceNew Look, Same Great Experience

Corner Bakery Café has evolved in other ways over the years. They introduced a new logo and redesigned their dining rooms in 2004 and began franchising in 2006. In November of 2014, their latest café model debuted in Denton, Texas, which met with record sales as well as greater traffic and guest satisfaction.


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